Paradigm Shift

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello to anyone who wondered where in the heck I have disappeared to. :) 
(all 3 of you)
I am here. 
I am at home with my wonderful, crazy kids and I am present

Let me explain:

One day, a couple of years back, as I was running from an elementary school to ditch my oldest two a preschool/daycare to ditch my third child...and dragging my infant along as I ventured out to meet a customer for a new business I had started... I was tired and unhappy. I was living life full speed and realizing that it was a crapfest. I was always grouchy. When I was home, which wasn't often...I was working on my other ventures of networking online and building a review blog- that was fun for me, but was also taking away from the only time I did have with my kids. 

 I started asking myself big questions like: 
-How in the world am I going to have seven kids if I can't keep up with the four that I have
-Why in the heck am I having all of these sweet children, and sending them away? 
-These sweet kiddos are MINE and I want them with me, but how?
-How can I find the time to say "yes" to the spontaneous fun I always dreamed of? 
-Is this really how I want to live my life?
-How I want my children to live theirs?

I quickly realized that something had to give. 
SO-I pulled the plug on everything but the basics. 
I pulled my third child out of preschool.
I pulled my older two children out of elementary school.
I ditched my new business I was trying to grow. 
I stopped blogging. 
I tried my best to simplify my life. 
I read books upon books about minimalist living and slow living and simplifying. My eyes were opened to the life I wanted to be living. 

Fast forward to now ....

-I homeschool my two oldest children. 
-I now have five kids and am still hoping for my seven. 
-I am happy.
-I live simply.
-I live slowly. 
-I love fiercely.
-I am intentional with my time and energy. 
-I don't care about THINGS. I care about RELATIONSHIPS. 
-I no longer glorify busy. 
-I strive for peace and calm. 
-I jumped out of the fast lane and am thriving in the wild.
-I am free.

So I don't review things that help calm my busy life anymore. I just ditched the busy life all together. So....That's where I've been. 
Playing in the mud with my kids ;)

But if you miss me...
I do have an instagram addiction and you can find me there :)

Also....I'm really hoping to catch up and keep up my personal blog sometime soon. So hopefully I can be found there in a few months ;) 

But as far as BUSY MOMMY LIKES is concerned....
She no longer exists...
 and I love it that way. 


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