About Me

Hi, welcome to my new review blog!
My name is Tess, I'm 28 years old. Married to a hardworking man for almost 8 years.
We have four children. The oldest is six, the youngest is one.
Boy, girl, boy, girl!
I love life and I love trying new things.
I have a mobile fingerprinting & notary business, but other than that and helping my self-employed husband occasionally-I am lucky enough to get to stay home with my children, so we have a lot of fun (and a lot of messes...) ;)
I am always looking for ways to make chores faster, kids more independent, my looks better, and life in general easier.
Having things that are practical and simple are important to my everyday living.
I plan on having seven children, and so far, having four young ones running my life, I go to bed feeling defeated some days, so I'm always looking for products to make life easier.
I know going "green" is the popular and smart choice-but I choose simple and practical, and (gulp) DISPOSABLE. (insert gasp here)
I am easy-going and free-spirited and I enjoy what I do. I hope you will enjoy it with me and I hope I can clue you in on some of my favorite finds that have made my life better/easier.
-and feel free to share yours with me!-

-Busy Mommy-
PS-I rarely get to type two handed, as I have someone sitting on my lap, so I take the simple route and don't normally fuss over capitalization-sorry if that offends or annoys anyone ;)

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