REVIEW: 3m Hooks

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I have six people in this house. Four of which rarely, if ever, take care of their own things. I have to make it easy for them when I force them to pick something up off of the floor. I also have to make it easy for me to get my things off of the floor with one hand while I hold a baby with the other. And I love having designated places for my necessities, ready for me to grab them and leave the house. It's hard enough making sure all the kids are in the car without having to hunt down my diaper bag and jackets for everyone. :)
They are all over my house in random places.
Such as:
The outside of the kitchen trash can -to hold the bags in,
In the bathroom- holding towels,
and mainly, my entryway "closet"-holding bags and jackets.
I use them everywhere in the house in December to hang lights, decorations and sentimental ornaments.
They come off easily without ruining my paint job, so I can use them anywhere with no worries.
This is my entryway "closet" Nothing special- but practical and easy.
Perfect for a busy mommy-thanks to 3M!
This product makes chores faster and organization easier.
You can buy them in most stores and they aren't expensive :)

This busy mommy LIKES!

*I was given no compensation for this review. I bought and tried these for my own uses by my own free will, with my own money. But I love them and I love to share about what works for me to make life easier. *


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