REVIEW: Sight Words Chart/Card Set & Building Words Phonics Center Kit

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Remember way back here in December, when I mentioned that I was going to review something of my choice from CSN Stores?
...Then life got crazy and that got set on the back burner, but finally, here it is :).

Ian is really interseted in spelling & reading lately, so I decided to spend my gift code on this
Sight Words Wall Pocket Chart Card Set
Midsize Wall Pocket Chart
Patch Products Building Words Phonics Center Kit

He really has enjoyed "playing" with the Building Words set. The letters are a fun rubbery material that makes all of the kids want to play with them. The cards are really big & easy to work with. He likes to work on it alone, when I'm not bugging him. Which works out great for me! He is learning and keeping himself occupied and only calls on me when he needs help. ...and after a while, he decides the letters are better for stacking or rolling like wheels. He's experimented a lot with the different shapes and what they can or can't do. I'd say this is awesome in all areas of development.
(Though sight words are a bit more useful than phonics I hear...) Good thing I got something in that area too, to cover all of my bases! :)

I have the wall chart hung on my office wall, and I put up to 15 words on it at a time and he sounds them out and reads them to us whenever his little heart desires. I'm really impressed with how well he is doing in his reading! He is so smart. I bet he'll be reading really well by the time he goes to Kindergarten in the fall.

This product wrap-up (all of them):
Busy Mom... Likes!

*I was given a gift code to use on the website to purchase anything of my choice.
I chose this product on my own.
My opinions are my own and I was not given compensation for my review.*
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