REVIEW: BabyLegs

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's been winter for a year it seems (especially b/c everyone in the family keeps being sick)
...but I have found a new staple around here.
Enter BabyLegs.

They are perfect!
They make snow days easier, b/c after putting on the coat and gloves, I slipped these over them both and the gloves actually stay on my 1 1/2 yr old! :).
Also, taking my 3 yr old to dance class at 9am in the middle of winter with snow on the ground is hard enough, but when she is freezing, it's really irritating. So I slip the awesome BabyLegs over her tights and ta-da! She isn't so "naked" anymore.
Also, my newborn can wear them with her dresses, she's warm enough to be wearing pants, and it's easier to change a diaper with these bad boys on than it is with tights.
I love my BabyLegs!
Not the best picture of my pretty girls, but you can see the red BabyLegs on baby girl, Stevie.
(a little big, but perfect nonetheless-wont be big for long)

I can't wait to see how many different ways I can use them in the summer.

A few months ago they were having a big sale and I stocked up on them, and I've never looked back. ;)

This product makes like easier b/c they are easy to put on. And makes life better b/c they keep my kiddos warm, and adorable.


get the cutest ones here
(affiliate link)

*I received no compensation for this review. I bought the product on my own, by my own choice. I like the product and wish to share with others why it works for me.*


  1. oh, those are cute. I want a pair!

    New follower from the hop, hope you can stop by when you get a chance. :)

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  3. I wish they had those when my daughter was little!

    Thanks for linking up with us today for the Bloghop...I am following you back! Happy Day girl!

  4. Love your header :)

    Follwoing you via Thursday Blog Hop.

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