REVIEW: Fisher-Price Starlight Papasan™ Cradle Swing

Friday, April 15, 2011

For the past three babies I've used hand-me-down swings from family, which is nice-but not exactly what I'd choose if I had my choice to buy...
Enter needy baby #4,
and I had to get one she would like.
So the hunt was on, the reviews were read and the purchase was made.
The papasan seat comfortably cradles baby for swinging as songs and nature sounds play and the starry mobile spins overhead.
(picture from their site)
It was exactly what she needed and just what I wished for,
the swing has helped me catch a break several times a day:)
The key features that make it the best are these:
It plugs into the wall.
It swings side-to-side as well as front-to-back.
(She needs the side-to-side and I love the fact that if I leave it on when I get her out in a scramble I'm not wasting batteries that are a hassle to change.)

The kids all love the awesome star show it has and the mobile and the several different songs. They are just as entertained as the baby is!
It really is awesome.
I'm completely satisfied with my purchase.
(I got it from and it wasn't as expensive as on the Fisher-Price website)

This swing makes my life easier, by entertaining my high maintenance baby girl
and it makes my life better by letting me have a shower occasionally ;)


(affiliate link)
*I purchase this swing on my own. No compensation for this review whatsoever ;) I like it and I want others to know it's a great product*


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  2. Love the Fisher Price Papasan! Personally think it's one of the best Fisher price baby swing around