REVIEW: Little Looster

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Asa (#3) just turned two.
You know what that means-
he's taking off his diaper and pooing on the floor.
(What?! you're 2 year old doesn't do that?? hmmm. weird.)

So, I guess whether I'm ready or not:
Potty Training-
Here We Come!

This kid is stubborn.
 And he can't talk yet, which makes things more difficult.
 (I guess he figures his siblings who are never quiet will communicate for him forever.)

So when I found this awesome step called the Little Looster, I knew he'd be intrigued and I had to have it.
When it arrived, my 4 year old daughter immediately ran it to the toilet and tried it out. She LOVES IT. and I didn't get it for her...

My 5 year old son uses it too.
(though I kind of wish he wouldn't for #1 [splash factor]-if you know what I'm saying...)

It is made to stay in front of the toilet so you don't have to move it. I leave it, but it does require a little skill, it isn't ideal-but it's worth it not to have to touch it. ha.

My husband moves it, but just because he didn't get the memo that there are places he could stick his feet. Maybe he doesn't anymore...
I don't know- I'll have to spy later...

This "Little Looster Booster" (as we like to call it), is very sturdy and it really does help the kids.
They actually do feel a bit more steady and confident.
I feel better about Asa not falling in too.
(because if it could happen to anyone, it would be him)

He looks like a pro,
Check him out:

Don't be fooled-we've got a long road ahead of us, but I'm confident this awesome step will help.
(affiliate link)
This product makes life easier by helping my kids be a bit more independent
and more confident in their skills while using the "loo" ;).

*I received this product to review. No monetary compensation. I really do like the product and wish to share. As always, my opinions remain my own, *

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  1. I so need this! Where has it been the last 6 months for Ben??? How much is it?

  2. I so need it with the handicap toilets in my house and my feet don't touch the ground anymore. But I do keep my clothes on when I go... ha ha

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