REVIEW: New Energy Mom Vitamins

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I recently came across this website and I absolutely HAD to try them out.

New Energy Mom is a vitamin designed for moms.

I have now been taking it for over a week and let me tell you-I am sold.

It is the only change I've made recently and I am awake past 9:30pm!
Before I started taking these, I was passing out on the couch by 8:30 (at the latest).
I kind of think my husband likes me more, now that I have the energy to stay awake and discuss the ins and outs of our daily lives, rather than falling asleep the second the kids do. 

I'm not going to quit taking these any time soon. 

Their main focus is energy but it is also tailored around nutrition, immune support, memory, and weight loss. All key factors in the life of a busy mommy.

I can't say I'm skinny or that I eat better, but I feel better and I might be able to remember where each child is at any given moment ;).

All of the benefits, heavily out-weigh the fact that it is a giant, stinky, horse pill.
(gotta put all of  those vitamins somewhere...)

I wouldn't ever even take pre-natals b/c I hated how they made me feel afterward.
But I don't get that with these.
I just chase them with a Coke Zero and Jr. Mint ;)
and of course a huge bottle of water....
 b/c that is the right thing to do...

Also, these aren't like the 5 hr energy or hydroxycut type energy. I don't feel shaky or energetic in a spurt, I really just tend to be productive for more hours in the day...
hard to explain-but nice, natural, and not "speed-like".

There isn't a whole lot to say about the product, except that

and I will most definitely be ordering more when I run out. You can order yours here.

These make it easier to stay awake and have the energy to do the things I need to do throughout the day-which makes life better.

*I received these for review. No monetary compensation. I like this product. Honestly- I do.*

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  3. I bought some and can't wait to try them!

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