REVIEW: SONIC Drive-In & Coca-Cola ZERO

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OK here is some totally "unplugged" Busy Mommy-ness for you...
Prepare yourself. :)

I freaked out the other day.
My 3 month old is wearing on me.
She screams probably 80% of the daylight hours.
Not kidding.
I don't like her some days.
I can't put her down.
I can't blog.
or think straight.
My other kids are suffering,
my house is suffering,
my sanity is shot.

The other day, after listening to her scream for a few solid hours, directly in my face, I loaded all the kids up in the van (in their pjs and barefoot) and shoved her in her carseat, hoping she'd be quiet and go to sleep.
And off we went to Sonic for a Route 44, Coke ZERO.
(I live outside of town so it is a 20 mile drive roundtrip...and well worth it- I must add!)
I sobbed into my soft drink,
 bought a round of tater-tots
and drove home with a sleeping baby,
noisy- yet likeable kids,
and a tearstained face,
with a mind that was ready to face the rest of the day
-Thanks to my extra large Coke ZERO,
just the "medication" I need when my Zoloft isn't cutting it ;)

Coke ZERO, somehow makes life seem better, which makes it easier to survive the difficult days.
SONIC has the ROUTE 44 size and my drink of choice, plus the Drive-In (so I don't have to unload kids),
making wretched days better and easier for a crazy girl such as myself...


*My opinions are my own, I learned all of this by my own genious, and-most days, when I can't convince my favorite little sister to deliver one to me, I buy them with my own money. I received no monetary compensation for this post, but if anyone would like to donate a Coke ZERO to the crazy girl cause, I'll take one any day of the week ;)*


  1. What would we do without caffeine, chocolate, and comfort food on a crazy Mommy day?! I tell Brian that I seriously feel better, emotionally, physically, all of the above after I have a soda, does that mean I am addicted?! Probably! Do I care? Nope, not one bit!

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