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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I got a makeover! FINALLY!
sheesh. i learned a few lessons with that ordeal... be careful who you trust.

But I am so happy with my new design and I am back!!

I just couldn't make myself subject you to the eyesore I called my homepage, so I didn't want to post anything and have it show up on your feed readers. -all 3 of you who subscribed-thanks mom ;)ha jk i don't know how many of you there are, but i'm hoping soon there will be many more! i'm serious and back on my game! I have several fun reviews in the queue and my kids are moving onto different stages of life, so the possibilities are endless.

yay! i've missed this thing. it's been a stressful few months. grr.

time for some fun again!
just in time for my favorite seasons....spring and summer! woot wooo!

i hope you can tell how pumped i am to finally be going again. i'm squealing inside-honestly.

i'll be back with a review soon....real soon!

thanks for waiting!!!

oh yeah-check the new address up there too :) www.busymommylikes.com easy enough to remember, right? add it to your favorites.
or block it if i just really irritated you-that happens. and we're all big kids now, so we do what we want! ha. jk.... dont block me.

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