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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I have three kids with excema.

My three year old and my five year old have pale, sensitive skin. They constantly have chapped, dry rough patches all over their faces.

My one year old has scaly skin on her tummy and back.

I have tried so many over-the-counter items to help with their problems. Nothing has caused significant improvement in a short amount of time. I want a product that I can actually SEE working, one that makes a difference over night.

I slather stuff on their faces after they are asleep in bed at night.

I slather stuff on their bodies and faces after bathtime.

I've poured yucky stuff in the bath with them to soak in.

I don't like the cream that takes an hour to run and rub and rub in until it absorbs. I've heard that it does work on the problem areas for the people who have the time and patience to rub it in. My kids are not that patient. Nor am I.

The greasy stuff works, kind of, and it's a mess to deal with. But I do usually opt for that over the time consuming thick non-absorbing cream.

I have several prescriptions to help with their serious skin issues, but I don't really love rubbing that all over their little bodies. If it's got to be given by a pharmasist, it seems a bit intense. (don't get me wrong-i love drugs...but mainly for me...)

But I have come across a treasure that has changed routines around here.
It's changed skin around here.
It's amazing!

I seriously got this in the mail one day and rubbed in on my poor boy's extremely chapped, scaly cheeks and chin that night. The next morning his face looked a bit better! (what?!)

The company who made this miracle cream has products specified for two different stages. Baby-stage 1. Preschooler-stage 2.

I was lucky enough to get face cream and moisturizing body lotion in both stages.
I have not been disappointed!
I am almost out of my samples and I will soon be placing an order.
I need a couple travel sizes for my bag.
I need gigantic sizes for my several rooms.
I will not stray from this being my go-to for my kids' sensitive skin.
I am not an all-natural advocate by any means. And that isn't what intrigued me about this product. What intrigues me about this product is that it actually does something for my kids' skin!
And I consider it a bonus that it is natural and healthy!

I have even been able to declutter my bathroom by packing away several of my lotions, greases, oils and crap I've accumulated over the years while looking for a solution.
I've found the solution!
I'll keep the prescriptions out for emergencies and have this within reach after every bath and at bedtime.
I can't say enough about this product.
I haven't been excited about a baby lotion since....EVER.

BONUS: It smells delicious! Now my kids don't smell like a shmorgishbord (spelling?) of doctors office/mechanic/and great grandma. :)

More info- directly from the pros:
Unlike any other baby skin care line on the market, BabySpa is a line of natural lotions, oils, etc. that cater to the specific needs of a growing child's skin physiology by providing quality products that match up with key developmental progress and milestones such as crawling, walking and going to preschool. Made with the finest natural ingredients, including 5 ethnobotanicals (not available in any other baby skin care line), BabySpa nourishes the skin while meeting baby's sensitive needs and also making for a great bonding experience between a mother and her child.

Visit them on facebook:

Well-deserved Awards they have won:
The National Parenting Center 2012 Seal of Approval
Mom’s Choice Awards 2012 Gold Seal

I'm excited to try the diaper cream.
If there was one thing I would add (not change) about this product-It would be a solution for my kids' chapped lip problem. Maybe someday the brilliant people at BabySpa will have that for me...perhaps it's already in the works? who knows... I hope I'll be one of the first to get my hands on it if they do :) Because I am a very happy customer. Pleased with an excellent product.
I also could go for the sample size being available for purchase because the little containers are adorable and sturdy-perfect for bags and little "go-to"s in every room :)

Needless to say... BUSY MOMMY LIKES!!

*I was provided a sample of this product for the purpose of review, my opinions are honest and solely mine. I received no monetary compensation for this review*

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