GIVEAWAY & REVIEW: Charming KEYper (5/10)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I don't know about you all, but I'd lose my kids if they weren't attached to my hip. Err I mean, I'd lose my keys if they weren't attached to my KEYper. :)
Ok, seriously though, how many wasted minutes in a parking lot and missed phone calls are lost to digging in the blackhole diaper bag searching for keys or phone?
No more for me!
Since I've been using my Charming KEYper I have found so many uses for it!
 I LOVE it.
I haven't stopped bragging about it to my little sister and mom...
"well if you had an awesome KEYper"
 "where are my keys? just grab the charm!"
It's amazing what a simple, yet perfect solution this is.
And it's stylish too!
(However, since attaching it to my keys, I've noticed that my husband doesn't like to carry them. ;) Fine by me! Toss em in the bag-easy peasy. )

How to use your Charming KEYper
Not only is the product adorable, check out the packaging! Rarely do I get too excited about the way an item is packaged, but this was freaking awesome. Check it:
(the dollar is to show you how tiny and awesome that little purse package is)
(let's not discuss my cheesy phone, just notice that there is an awesome Charming KEYper attached.)

Seriously, I have it permanently attached to my keys and I hook on my phone before I get out of the car-then I literally throw it in my bag, (anywhere!) and let the charm dangle.
Then I pull it out when I need them and there is NO searching involved.
I really love it.
I have also hooked it to itself to make a wristlet and I've looped it around the carseat handle too.
Have I mentioned that I love it?
When I borrowed my husband's truck this weekend, I made sure to change the Keyper to his keychain b/c I knew I'd be lost without it.
It's a new staple.

This product makes my life easier by having my phone and keys easily accessible at all times.


Buy yours here.
(affiliate link)

Or Win one here!

Three lucky readers will win a Charming KEYper of their own!

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Ends May 10th 11:59pm


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