Friday, April 1, 2011

My little brother has a scar on his cheek near his eye.
He has had it since he was a few days old and scratched himself.
I have a fear of my kids doing the same thing.

What is it with pissed off babies trying to claw their faces off!?
Mine always do.
Especially in the carseat while I'm driving and unable to do anything about it.

The little mittens stay on for all of a minute.
So I have been using her big brothers' socks over her hands when we leave the house.
She is humiliated by it.

But not anymore!

Enter: ScratchMeNot!!
Such a great idea and an equally great product!

The way you put it on is kind of like a shrug, .

There is no possible way a kid could take them off themselves unless they are houdini. :)

I wish I'd have found these sooner for my two kids with eczema, who are always scratching themselves.

I absolutely love how cute they are and the fact that while my baby is wearing them, I don't have to worry at all about her scarring her face with her uncontrollable claws.
(yes, I do trim them, but it doesn't help)

The material is great, and it looks adorable.

The product is awesome, seriously.

The sleeves can roll up to allow access to hands, for the older babies, and then when they get to scratching itchy skin, just cover those paws right up :).

I've never had a kid w/ chicken pox (knock on wood), but I can imagine this would be incredibly useful during an episode of that.

The ScratchMeNot makes my life easier/better b/c I can trust that my precious baby girl is not going to have claw marks down her cheeks when I get to my destination of choice, or while I fold a load of laundry and she decides to throw a fit the entire time. ;)


Go here to order yours and enter the code: BML0311 for 10% off your entire purchase! :)

*I received this product to review. It is a great product and looks good while accomplishing the task it is intended for. I like this product & use it often. I received no monetary compensation for this review. My opinions are, as always, my own*


  1. Oh, your writing just makes me laugh. Love it and the creative fix to all scratches. Honestly you can cut their tiny nails and by the time you get the second hand done the first is long again. Great solution. This mawmaw likes, too.

    I'm a new GFC follower.

    Hope your day is fun with a special surprise tucked in!


  2. Cute blog! I love your pictures! I am a new follower from the ubp11 blog party! I hope to see you hop to my site too!

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