REVIEW: Yummie Tummie

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My postpartum belly has driven me to an obsession with stomach flattening clothing items. I have found a few that I love. I looked online and found a tank that had the firm control and the look of a regular tank, plus the opening hooks to make it the perfect
 nursing-undershirt-stomach control-tank-all in one!
The name says it all: Yummie Tummie
I was so excited when I received the nursing tank.

Of course, I don't look like the models, so I am sparing you a pic of me ;)

The tank is made of high quality materials and I really like it.
I wish I wasn't nursing and that I could try out a few of the other awesome products.

I think this nursing tank is amazing. The openings for nursing are so awesome in the way that they cover everything but the nipple. It has a built in shelf bra that is great. One could wear this tank and walk around town nursing and nobody would see a thing (except of course the back of the baby's head).
It is an awesome product.

If, however, you are a person like me, who insists on wearing an underwire bra and/or other types of under garments, it makes nursing a little bit tricky. It just takes a few extra steps and some tucking and pulling.

I will wear this beyond the nursing stage though, for sure. Because it is awesome.

I do wish I would have ordered a size smaller, so the tummy was even tighter. I was worried about my gigantic upper region (if you know what it mean...) but the top stretches whereas the tummy needs to be tight to be effective. (duh-I'm an idiot here.) I was at the lower region of one size and upper region of another. I would recommend going with the smaller-I'm the idiot who did the opposite.

Overall, I say this company has nailed it. I love the control in the middle. I love the quality of the product. And I love the style. I recommend most anything they have to offer. They are oozing with style and great products. :)

I can't wait until I'm done nursing and can test drive some of the other products.
Love them!

This product has the ability to make nursing easier, and mid-sections smaller, all in one perfect tank. Which makes days when you need an extra boost of confidence and easy access, that much better.


get yours here
(affiliate link)
check out their site and all of their other awesome products here.

*I received this product for review, no other compensation. I do think this is a great product and wanted to share it with others. I suggest their other products as well as they are stylish and functional and awesome ;)*


  1. Thanks for reviewing this!!! i am super excited I will have to get one!!!! Glad you mentioned the whole bra, garments tuck thing cause I was going to ask before I read that part!!!

  2. new follower via UBP!! I recently bought a yummie tummie and got it this week and LOVE it!! I told my husband it was saving us a ton of money by no plastic surgery...LOL Not sure if I would even be able to go under the knife-too this was awesome for me!! Best purchase in a long time!!

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