REVIEW: SodaStream

Friday, April 8, 2011

Once upon a time, I told my husband that we needed a soda machine in our house.
It was 3 years ago when we moved in...
fast forward to now and I have one!


It's so much better than the kind in the convenience stores because it takes up so little space ;).
It seriously is awesome!
It's a SodaStream.

As soon as it arrived, me and my five-year-old went to experimenting,
then we called a few people to rant about it. 
And followed that with several soda parties-
Everytime someone new came over for a few weeks.
It is so EASY to make your own "pop" (as I like to call it).
 I am a Coke Zero drinker, and I've been known to tip back a few cans of RedBull ;) and the SodaStream version of both of these are definitely comparable to the originals.
The Diet Sprite passed my son's test.
and the Root Beer made a great float.
There was also a Cranberry Raspberry flavored one and I loved it.
I'm going to have to say that Fresca passed the comparison test too.
(though I need my Grandma to come test it out, b/c she is the Fresca expert around these parts)

I can't wait to order more to test out.
 I am also excited to clear up some space in my pantry which is usually full of 24 packs of Coke Zero & Mountain Dew.
Now all I need to store my soda is a little bit of counter space.
It seriously is awesome.
Even my hard to impress husband is a fan!
(Thats how I know for sure something is cool-if it passes the Arin Test...jk)

This makes life easier and better, by helping feed my addiction without having to load all the kids up to go to the convenience store! ;)
Also, a major point here, for all of my readers with food storage, this is the solution to the soft drink gap in food storage! For sure- All you need is water!
Seriously, who wants to survive without Coke?? not a world I want to be in... ;)

PS-I timed myself from start to finish, I made myself a soda in 1 minute 32 seconds :) so much faster and cheaper than running to a store.


get yours here
(affiliate link)

*I received this product to review. No monetary compensation. I really do like the product and wish to share. As always, my opinions remain my own *


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