Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well hello my friends.
I think I'm ready to be back.
and let's just not ask about life outside of the world-wide-web, ok?
..but here it is in a nutshell:
-I'm still living, and so are all of my family members (including all four kids and my strapping lad of a husband)- and the majority of the time, we have a smile on our faces.
-the kids:
    #1 started kindergarten this year.
    #4 is starting to pull herself up and thinks she'll be walking soon.
     #2 & #3 are just the middle children so we won't talk about them..JUST KIDDING I'm a middle child w/ middle child syndrome, it's just so easy...but for the most part they stick together, fight, take care of baby, go to joyschool twice a week and are my little "helpers" all day while biggest brother is at school.
-I'm down a few businesses, so the "strapped economy" and the "failing businesses" is a reality that has taken it's toll on this household.
-I still use a lot of products on a daily basis to keep my busy life sane, so I'll get some covered and you can go snag 'em to help you!

..So there ya have it...

 a 6+ month break & now I'm back.

yours truly,
Busy Mommy


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