Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Before I review this product, I have a confession I must make:
 I was skeptical.
I thought it was unnecessary.
 I doubted it's awesomeness and thought it was just more clutter...
Lucky for me, I thought again!

I know how I've lived without this for the past three kids...I just don't know why!
I certainly know that I will never go without it again. It's taken up permanent residence on my countertop and I'm loving it.

Let me set a scene....
The middle of each night usually plays out like this:
I stumble into the kitchen to make a fresh bottle for my baby...
(while she is in my arms screaming and squirming) and I, drowsy, and one-handed, spill half of each scoop on the countertop because I miss the bottle opening.
...and then I replay that several other times throughout the night, alternating formula and chocolate milk powder (I know it's bad that my son's an addict)
So there is usually wasted formula and nesquik all over my countertop due to my unsteady hand, my 2 yr old handy helper, and my lack of an easy clean up...

That formula is pricey too!
So, in summary, I waste formula. I make a mess. It takes me twice as long to make a bottle. I probably mis-count 6 out of 10 times, giving her the wrong ratio of formula to water.  
BUT that was BEFORE.
I no longer do that thanks to this amazing product!
Now, in the middle of the night, I grab a bottle, push a few buttons, fill with water and wa-la! a perfectly measured bottle in no time flat and a countertop free of wasted messy formula!
 I seriously push a few buttons and I'm done.
 It's, by far, my favorite thing in my kitchen right now...
(well, if we aren't counting my hidden stash of chocolate-obviously)

I seriously think I squealed in delight for the first 10 times I used it.

I can't wait until my baby starts drinking regular milk and I can fill this bad boy with Nesquik! (I've got four addicts here...)

.....I'm afraid for the next baby I'm going to have to get another Bottle Buddy for formula, b/c once I start dispensing Nesquik this easy, awesome way, I wont be able to go back to the messy way. haha..

in case you were still unsure:

this product makes my life better, by making bottle making easier!

get yours here
(affililate link)

 *I was provided this product for the purpose of review, my opinions are honest and solely mine. I received no monetary compensation for this review*

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