REVIEW:The tag*a*long

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sometimes it feels like I have A LOT of kids.
Especially times when I decide to leave my house ;)
I have a preschooler who refuses to stay sitting in a stroller, plus two other walking kids AND a baby.
So, one can imagine the spectacle we all are while I'm trying to get from point A to point B.
Luckily, I found a convenient, simple, and practical solution to the problem of my straying child. All of them are a bit absent minded and wander, but one of them is awful about it. He doesn't realize that he is 2 years old and not 12... So having this clever little handle that is his special handle makes him feel important and helps me keep tabs on him at all times. I'd like you to....

"meet the tag*a*long: a simple, fun way for kids to walk comfortably next to a stroller.
attaching the tag*a*long requires no tools and will fit on most strollers, providing a dedicated and fun place to hold onto.
it also works on shopping carts, diaper bags, rolling luggage, and more.
the tag*a*long is made responsibly right here in the USA (pennsylvania to be exact)"

(excuse the Oreo face)

I love it!
and it is so much better than just having him help me push (and me tripping over him) or having him hang on to the side of the stroller (and dragging it to one side).
it's kind of funny because it seems so easy and kind of "duh" but its amazing how much the kids love it!
my 5 yr old is so excited when we are places without the 2 yr old and she gets to hold the tag*a*long.
its awesome!
i just need a couple more to hang off my belt ;)

Needless to say... BUSY MOMMY LIKES!! this product makes my life better, by making outings with so many kids easier!

get yours here :)
(affililate link)

*I was provided this product for the purpose of review, my opinions are honest and solely mine. I received no monetary compensation for this review*

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