REVIEW: SteamVac® SpinScrub® TurboPower® Carpet Washer

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First off, I should let you know that I love my house.
It's mine. The plan is for it to be mine until I die. It's not a temporary thing. It is my "whole rest of my life" house and I think that is something that is pretty dang cool. I like making plans based on my kids AND my grandkids...

With that being said, I can also point out, that I whole-heartedly dislike certain aspects of my house.
My 28 year old carpet is in the top two.
It's original to the house (which was born the same year I yeah it's OLD)
Luckily it's multi-brown-colored, so you can't see stains...
Everything is camoflauge and kind of mysterious, in a disgusting sort of way.
But anyway, it is what it is, and there's no telling when it'll change-
what I really want to talk about are my current messes-not the messes of the past...

My 2 year old has been spontaneously vomitting lately, (?!) the other night he puked all over the living room while I was gone and my husband was watching him (lucky for me- for several reasons). So my mother-in-law was called and asked for "cleaning up puke" suggestions and she brought over a magic tool.
...that is where my love story began...

Lucky for me, she left it at my house that night and is letting me borrow it for a while. (Or keep it, unless she can pry my fingers off of it when she wants it back-just kidding-maybe....)

Since this new addition to the household has been here, I have shampooed almost all of the carpet, some spots several times (though it would take 5 million times to get all the dirt out). It's hard to tell that there is much difference...but I know it's slightly cleaner-so that's all that really matters...

But what I really love about it is this:

When my baby dumped a cup of water on the carpet, I plugged this bad boy in and sucked it right up.

The next day, when my son peed on the floor, I brought in my new back up and sucked it all up, then shampooed it right there on the spot.

I don't know how I live without this 340 days out of the year!
I'm telling you it's freaking amazing!

I do have a different shampooer.
I "borrowed" it from my a year ago...
I know why she hasn't asked for it back... It's lame in comparison to this!

This is a Steam Vac, steam is all the rage, right?! Works.

This has so many easily removable parts, that you can actually clean all of the old gunk out!
I'm pretty sure there are things growing and living in my other one. I'm frightened to check...

I can't vouch for the attachments, I don't know how they work, I haven't seen them.
I like to imagine they are just as amazing-but heck I'd take it without-it's WORTH IT!

There is one small thing that I don't like about it, and it also kind of falls into the category of something that I do like, so it's a sort of catch 22.
But the top water container (the one for the clean water/cleaning solution) doesn't snap in anywhere, it just kind of balances, which makes it easy to get out to refill, but also makes it a target for my kids to push onto the floor and make a mess when it tumbles and the lid falls off (good thing I just plug it in and suck up the mess).
But that definitely not a deal breaker.

Oh and also-it works on hard floors, which I haven't tried yet, but want to.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is:

this product makes my life better,
by making my (endless) cleanup easier! 

        *I was not provided this product for the purpose of review, my opinions are honest and solely mine. I received no monetary compensation for this review, in fact the makers of this product have no idea that I'm doing this*

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