REVIEW: Blinc Mascara

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes (most times) I fall asleep without taking off my make-up. And, sometimes I don't feel like washing it off and starting over the next day(pathetic?-perhaps)... with this mascara, my eyes look as good a day and a half later as they did when I applied, it. I LOVE IT. and I'm not even kidding. It makes a "tube" around individual lashes and stays put, until you take a hot shower and gently pull it off. It seriously is the best thing in make-up since navy blue eyeliner! ;). I even wore it swimming all summer last year and it passed the test. and when I have a meltdown & cry in the middle of the day, hiding in my closet with chocolate & a coke, when I emerge-nobody can tell I was bawling ;) ha

This is a tweet from an actress on a well known NBC show, Community. She tweeted the picture and announced how much she loves Blinc Mascara. and I agree with her. It is awesome!!

I found it at my salon. I'm long overdue for a haircut and I'm out of Blinc, so I'll be back there for some beautification and new products as soon as I can get a sitter for all these little kiddos I call mine. :) I'm lost without my Blinc. and I hate waking up to a monster with black eyes in the mirror. I LOVE BLINC! They have awesome colors too! Black, brown, blue, purple, green, oh my!

Every busy mom needs makeup that will stay put and perfect for days! Right?! Well. this does. and I'm totally serious. It is a bit more pricey than most brands of mascara, but, even as a tightwad, I fork over the cash (when I have it) for this miracle in a mascara tube.
Go get some. seriously.

this product makes my life easier.

*I bought and this product with my own money, for my own use. My opinion is mine alone. I received no compensation for this review. I do love this product, and like to share with others what works for me*

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