REVIEW: Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twelve days after I had my fourth baby (In January of this year), my third child was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.
It sucked- to say the least.
My husband stayed the nights with him and I did my best to stay the majority of the daytime with him.
All the while, I was sending my newborn- not yet two weeks old, with other family members.
It was difficult.
It was sad to leave her during the crucial bonding time, but my sick boy needed me more- and she did not seem to notice.
I was so blessed to have received this pump from a dear friend. When I got it, I thought, "this is awesome, I've never pumped and probably never will, but this is an awesome one incase I take it up."
Guess what?!
 This was my life saver during the week of hospital stays! I would have been so much more upset with life if I would have had to end the breastfeeding before it had really begun.

This pump helped me to keep things going, and to fill bottles to pass along while dealing with the whole ordeal. It came with everything. Bottles, little cooler bag, a battery pack, two pumps- so I could rush through and pump both sides simultaneously between nurse visits.
It even came with a fancy bag, so I took it with me everywhere as if it were a purse/diaper bag. And it worked as one just fine.

(and then, on her two week birthday, she got admitted to the hospital with RSV, so she got to share a room with her big brother and the real fun began...but that is a different story for a different blog ;) ...)

Now, several weeks later, things are fine and she is nursing like a champ, and I most definitely can thank my Medela Pump for that. Without it, I probably would have given up hope and started her on formula.

During a very difficult time, this product made my life so much easier!


*This review is my own opinion. I received this product as a gift from a friend, therefore I did not use my own money on it. I did not receive any compensation for this review. I think that this product is a very nice product and like to share with others when I find something praiseworthy. *

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  3. SO weird that you posted this review! I have been trying to figure out which pump to buy for me!!! This was the one I decided on!!! Now I feel more confident that you like it too!!! Thanks Tess, your the best!!!

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