REVIEW: Kiddie Catch-ALL

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have a minivan.
(Of course-right?)
I have 4 kids that get to ride in either a booster, a carseat, or an infant carrier.
Four kids who lose their drinks, pacifiers, toys, snacks, etc. on the floor of the minivan
Especially everytime I see a yellow light and have to slam on the brakes
-while my 4 yr old chants "yellow means WAIT even if you're LATE!"
-just trying to be the good example here...
Anywho, I hate listening to the kids scream everytime they drop something. I've had to pull over to get it many times, or unbuckle at the red light to reach as far as I can to get it, or begging my oldest to "unbuckle just for a second to get the dang sippy cup!"
(Mother of the year here)
I've seen these commercials on TV for the Kiddie Catch-All and I had to have it.
So I got it!
And guess what?
My monster of a toddler feels pretty special about it.
He actually uses it.
(Sometimes he gets pissed and throws it-but then my oldest just replaces it when he starts crying for it back.)

It is so useful!
and simple.
I'm going to say it's a winner.
Even if my naughty boy throws his occasionally, he can't deny that he really likes it.
My older kids are jealous, so I guess they each need one too.
And someday the ride to and fro will be serene and peaceful.
(yeah right-but this is actually helping a bit!)

I'm going to have to say that this product has the potential to make my life so much easier.  Can't wait to see how much better things are in a few weeks after using it more often and him getting used to it.


buy yours here.
(affiliate link)

*I received this product for review, no other compensation. I keep my own opinions. This product works for me and I'd like others to know*

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