REVIEW: Pediped Shoes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I do not put shoes on my babies. I think its pointless and kinda dumb. I get tired of carrying around the weight of my chubby babies, so the less I can pile on them the better. No extra fluff here please. thank you.
However, when they are starting to stand and take steps, I feel its necessary. (though i here there is a barefoot movement going on...)
The rubber soles don't cut it for me. The heels? forget it.
So on a hunt I went...
I tried several versions of soft soled shoes, but my think babies have thick feet!! Nothing seemed to work.
Until I was introduced to Pedipeds!

They fit fat feet. (say that fast-its fun)
They dont add extra weight to an already heavy baby.
They are durable!
They are made of quality materials.
And they are freaking adorable!
If I were a collector w/ a collection shelf, it wouldn't be full of pointless trinkets, it'd be full of cute AND useful pedipeds!

This were my first loves. I bought them for my daughters 1st Birthday and never looked back. I bought several used pairs on eBay. and they were the staples until she no longer could fit into the soft-soled sizes.
Then, for my third baby, I bought a few pairs of these (some in brown too)
And he wore them until his foot was too big for soft soled.

I look forward to shopping for new ones for my new baby girl :)

I've never tried the Flex kind for bigger kids, but I can tell you for sure that I LOVE these bad boys.
And hopefully someday I can get my bigger kids into some of those Flex shoes, they are super stylish too.

They make it possible to put a shoe on a fat foot and it is hard for babies to kick off, so they stay on! Making my life easier and both mine and my child's like better.
They are also super comfortable from what I can tell.

(and so do busy babies)

find yours here.

or look at my all time faves that both of my girls wore here
(affiliate link)
*I spent my own money (or my begged for some from somewhere). These were purchased by my own free will and I got them because I wanted them. I received no compensation for this review. I love the shoes and wanted to share that with my readers*

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